Yet another new direction in the work of Skip Thomsen! This is a
"stream of consciousness" in that there was no plan, no drawing, not
even a mental image of what was to come. Thomsen just started
welding pieces of metal together and let the process flow in
whatever direction it would.
This piece stands over two feet tall. Materials include brass, copper, steel, iron, many repurposed
items, glass and some wood from a 60-year-old redwood fence.
Some close-up shots of of the brass case for the glass and the copper pipe that runs the wiring
from the base and switch up to the lamp sockets.
Looking straight down at the lamp, and a close-up of the iron cage that houses the vintage
light bulb replica. Each side can be turned on or off, or both can be switched at once.
As the project started to take shape, the focus became an expression of the
contrast between the free and whimsical butterfly and the somber weight of
the heavy iron and brass sculpture. The detail in the stained-glass panels
was inspired by stage sets of Cirque du Soliel's "Kurios," the theme of
which was a beautifully-crafted "steampunk."

The designer and maker's goal with these pieces is to offer functional art
that is cutting-edge in retro-repurposed-chic design (int this case, leaning toward
"steampunk") but designed and built with craftsmanship and integrity.
My shop and studio are located in Forestville, California, about an hour's drive
north of San Francisco. Feel free to contact me any time during working
hours by phone or email. We can deliver large pieces.