Retro_Industrial Custom-Designed and Built Furniture
Pandanus Designs is a design-and-construction business specializing in Retro-Industrial furniture.
Although we do get a bit off-focus occasionally and delve into Mid-Century and even Steampunk,
Retro-Industrial is the main adventure. Our goal is to provide something unique in every way: the
design itself, and a product of uncommon quality where attention to detail shows. Our work
includes upcycled and repurposed furniture, and pieces crafted from recycled vintage
materials to new-furniture standards. Enjoy the tour!
Latest Projects . . .

This generous size Kitchen Island has a solid oak top, finished only with special food-safe wood oil. The drawers are genuine vintage Del Monte fruit crates from San Francisco, and are mounted on waxed hardwood slides so they work like fine-furniture drawers. The drawers have new birch-veneer bottoms. The open center section has oak slats so you can slide heavy skillets or other cookware in without damaging the shelf. The large, open bottom shelf is finished in four coats of high-grade marine spar varnish, making it a durable and waterproof surface. You can cut, chop and slice on this counter top to your heart's content and the more you do, the more “patina” it will develop. Re-oiling from time to time keeps it waterproof and looking good. There's a bottle of the special oil included.

The casters add to the retro-industrial look and make the Island easily moved around. Need it on the patio for a party? No problem! For stationary use, two of the casters lock with a touch of your toe so the Island will stay put.
Dimensions: 52” x 23” x 36” high.
For this piece, we used the last of our precious stock of nutmeg planks that were rescued from a barn in Willits, California, where they had
been stored for over fifty years. The surface of the planks were machined just enough to create a smooth surface, but not enough to remove
the marks left by the ancient mill-saw that cut the planks from trees. The frame is welded steel, and the two steel shelves are fitted with
expanded metal to complete the industrial look. The design was created to leave spaces for different sizes of books and there is one extra
large space that could be used for coffee-table books or even your favorite artwork. The top shelf is cedar. All of the shelves are finished in
four coats of marine spar varnish, creating a silky-smooth and truly durable surface. Approximately 50" high and 50" wide, 15" deep.
This set includes a bistro table with a top made from splined-together cedar
planks, mounted on a vintage pedestal, and a pair of chrome-base swivel-top bar stools curca 1950. The top has full-length splines connecting each two planks. The are visible in the photo at right. The top is finished with four coats of marine spar varnish, making the surface impervious to water or alcohol (a virtue with a bistro table).
The comfortable stools have their original Naugahyde coverings that show some great vintage patina, but they are still in very usable condition, The seats have been disassembled and new foam installed. The swivels work like new.
This table is 32" in diameter and 39" high. The stools are 29" high, perfect for the table.

This iron-framed desk has a natural-finish steel top and cedar trim around three sides. The desk is approximately 30" x 60" and featues solid oak
trim around the steel top.______________________________SOLD
The file cabinet is built within a welded iron frame and is on casters for easy movement. The case is cedar and the drawers are Baltic birch with birch floors.
This iron-frame desk features cedar trim around the back and sides and an oak top with four coats of super-curable marine spar varnish.
The main portion of the desk is 27" x 75" and the wing is about 18" x 24". There is a 27" wide keyboard tray just visible in the photo above. The two sections come apart for easy moving. The frames on these pieces are all treated to a controlled-corrosion process to achieve the vintage look.
This piece is 54" wide, 36" high and 19" deep. It is constructed of solid cedar, with welded steel end frames. The top is solid planks, glued and splined together into a super-strong surface, and then finished with multiple coats of marine spar varnish. Drawers have Baltic birch boxes with oak bottoms and they run on quiet roller glides. One-of-a-kind, and built to endure for generations!
A gorgeous retro-industrial dining table with a top built of solid cedar planks, glued and splined together into one solid surface. The rich, golden color is the natural cedar under four coats of marine spar varnish, making a surface impervious to water, alcohol and years of other use and abuse. The iron straps bolt through to the bottom support with brass screws, The industrial ambiance is enhanced with welded iron end caps, too. The legs are finished in a "distressed" green enamel and the cross-feet are solid cedar to match the top. The top still shows the marks from the resaw blade that cut the planks at the mill, but it has been finished to a very smooth-to-touch surface. The six cedar-seat chairs, four regular and two captain, are also available to make this table into a handome set. The table is 65" long, 35" wide and 30" high to the top surface.

Have you ever seen a table made from the wood of an olive tree? This one features a top made from a slab cut from an ancient olive tree. The natural edge, complete with a dramatic knot/grain on one end, make for a spectacular table top. The top is finished in multiple coats of hand-rubbed marine spar varnish, one of the most durable finished possible for a table.

The frame, crafted of fir and oak, compliments the top with a vintage look, and the table, like all Pandanus Designs one-of-a-kind pieces, is built to high furniture-building standards. The drawers function smoothly and this table will last for generations. Called a “sofa table,” it is designed to be used behind a sofa, or as an accent piece against a wall.

The dimensions: 42” wide, 36” high to the table surface, and about 13” deep.



The table is 64" long and 34" wide. As with much of our "retro-industrial" line, it features welded iron end caps. The photo at right shows a close-up of the bases, also made from the nutmeg
planks, and featuring a decorative cast-iron rosette, The table is finished in 4 coats of marine spar varnish, a surface impervious to water, alcohol or other stains. ------------------SOLD

This table is crafted of 50-year-old, 2" thick planks of nutmeg! The planks are from a stack that has been stores in a Willits, Califonia barn for over 50 years. The top surface of the table still shows the ancient sawmill marks, yet the surface is silky-smooth to the touch. The planks are all edge-machined and then connected to each other with full-length glued-in splines, making for the most stable and durable surface possible. It will never crack, split or warp.

This one-of-a-kind table was carefully designed and crafted to incorporate the "flaws" in the wood into the overall presentation, making for a unique look and a piece of furniture built to last for generations.



These chairs were prepared by antiquing repro-vintage steel
chairs and addiing custom seats made from the same old
nutmeg planks that were used to build the Nutmeg Series
of furniture. Each seat is made from two pieces, secured
together with splines and glue, and then finished with four
coats of marine spar varnish. There is no more of this rare
wood available and there are only six chairs. Similar chairs
will be available, but will feature different woods, such as
cedar, redwood and fir._______________SOLD

A gorgeous 52" round pedestal table built of 50-year-old nutmeg planks found in an old barn in Willits, CA. The over-two-inch-thick planks were each edge-machined and then all were connected with hardwood splines and industrial glue. The machine marks from the ancient saw that cut these planks from the trees are still visible, yet the multi-coat marine varnish finish is silky smooth to the touch.

The iron straps let into the surface are bolted through the table with brass screws into a welded steel sturcture underneath that supports the table.

The large, fluted, circa-1950, heavy cast-iron base sets off the table beautifully. This table is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor and/or commercial use. It will never crack, warp or split, and the surface is immune to water and alcohol.

This one-of-a-kind table was built to last for generations!


Pandanus Designs creates one-of-a-kind pieces. We do not do production work, at any level. Many of
the pieces on this page have been sold, but we are always creating new ones, and if you see anything
that you really like that has been sold, please talk to us about creating a similar one for you, perhaps
even made especially to fit your personal situation. It will never be identical to one we've already
made, but it will retain the same kind of look and always the same design integrity!

This table set is crafted of 50-year-old, 2" thick planks of nutmeg! This wood has an uncommonly rich color and still shows the ancient sawmill marks. The stool are mounted on '50's era soda-fountain stool pedestals and the table features welded iron legs and end-caps. The whimsical nature of the diagonal cuts of the planks adds much to the charm of this one-of-a-kind set. The stools swivel and the whole set is about 4" higher than standard table height.


---This cabinet is 4' wide, 2' deep and stands 50" tall.

An eight drawer chest built to order for a client. The frame is welded iron and all the wood that shows is cedar. The drawer fronts and sides have that desirable "reclaimed" look, with saw marks showing, but under a smooth finish of many coats of varnish. The top is crafted of several thick planks glued and splined together into a solid piece. The finish is smooth, with mulitple coats of marine spar varnish. Per the clients direction, the cabinet has casters at one end and welded iron legs at the other. The drawers are all built of lacquered Baltic birch plywood and run on roller slides.



This lovely, organic table lamp was inspired by an old piece of redwood-root diftwood from the beach near Jenner, CA. The center is an ancient gas burner with the inscription, "Ajax Boiler" still clearly visible. The base is a block from a 50-year-old piece of nutmeg wood, still showing the marks from the giant sawmill that carved the plank from its tree.

The lamp stands about 16" high. The cord exits the base in such a way that it can come out of any side, making placement more flexible.


 The bulb is a retro-vintage low-wattage lamp that projects a very peaceful, low-key ambiance.

The switch is mounted in a vintage cast-iron rosette, and both ends of the base feature iron end caps.

Truly on-of-a-kind, and signed by the artist.


Another whimsical creation that started life as discarded objects. The retro-vintage bulb sits in the top of an ancient gas-burner from the Ajax Boiler Company. The three-legged cast iron base used to be the support that mounted a heavy wooden table to its base. One of the original four legs is missing!

The frame for the mission-style stained-glass panels was made from scraps of brass tubing, and the steel uprights that support the brass frame are from scraps of square-steel tubing. The uprights have solid brass caps brazed into their ends.

The wooden base is crafted from two pieces of nutmeg plank, splined together into a solid piece. The nutmeg planks were found in an old barn where


they had been stacked for over 50 years. The saw marks are still there from the old giant saw that cut the planks from trees.

The bolt you can see in the top of the wooden base is the rotary control for the dimmer!

As in most of our table lamps, the cord comes out of the base in such a way that it can exit from any direction, making placement of the lame easier.

The lamp stands about 20" high, and is signed by the artist.

The newly completed desk, still in the shop.
This elegant desk is constructed of welded heavy steel ,features a natural-finish-steel top on the big side, and a finely-finished oak top on the shorter side. The desk features vintage wood side panels, computer cable grommets in both top surfaces, and the two sections come apart easily for moving. The desk is a bit over 6 feet long on the steel-top side and about a bit under on the smaller side. Be sure to check out the computer rack and drawer unit that were built as companion pieces for this desk. (Below.)

 This small rolling Computer Rack was built to match the L-Shaped Desk in design and materials. It has a welded steel frame and wooden side and inner panels, and was designed to handle any size computer CPU plus your modem and router and any other peripherals needed for your workspace. There are cable holes everywhere for easy routing of wires and cables.

This unit was designed to roll under the L-SHAPED DESK, but could as well be a stand-alone unit because the top is attractively finished, as well.

____ _____SOLD

This Drawer Unit was built to slide under the L-Shaped Desk, but it has a gorgeous finished top so it can also serve as a stand-alone unit placed next to the desk. It has a welded iron frame, kiln-dried cedar side and back panels, and the drawers are built of furniture-grade Baltic Birch plywood. The bottoms contrast nicely and are walnut. There are three drawers. Two small ones and a full-size file drawer fitted for hanging files. The file drawer runs on heavy-duty, self-
closing slides.
The dimensions are approximately 16” wide, 23” deep and 27” high.
Pictured at right is the drawer unit in place under the desk.
_____ __SOLD



These tables were crafted from recycled deck planks. The planks were used upside down so the joist stains became the surface pattern. Each plank was edge-machined and splined to the adjacent one, making an extremely durable table top. The finish is 4 coats of marine spar varnish for a silky smooth surface that is impervious to water and alcohol. The retro-industrial look is enhanced by the welded iron edge trim.

There are two 36" tables (left) and one smaller two-person table. All are suitable for outdoor and/or commercial use.

A pair of end tables made from repurposed redwood, icedar, and industrial iron. The tops are from the same
ifence boards as pictured above
The tops of these small tables are not just the usual bunch of old boards glue to a piece of plywood, but rather each two pieces are splined together to form a solid, stable surface. They retain the look of upcycled fence boards but are sensuously smooth to the touch and will never crack or split a seam. The side panels are repurposed from cedar siding planks removed from the wall of a 50-year-old house I remodeled in Hilo, Hawaii.
------------SOLD e3
 The Anatomy of an End Table: See how it's done . . .
At left, the boards salvaged from a 60-year-old redwood fence. At right, the metamorphosis is complete!
A gorgeous design, built to fine-furniture standards. The top is finished with four coats of satin marine spar varnish, making it impervious to water, alcohol and other uses and abuses. The legs and frame are square steel tubing ground to a dazzlng finish and protected with an automotive clear coat.
This table is 59" long, 19" wide, and 16" high. The bottoms of the legs have wooden plugs with felt pads to protect your floor.
The Anatomy of a Coffee Table: See how it's done . . .
A very special coffee table! The top of this table is an irreplaceable solid 18-1/2" wide slab of locally harvested Ponderosa Pine from our 1980's homestead on the NE slope of Mt. Hood, Oregon. I've been hanging onto it for these last 34 years and just found it (again) in our basement and dediced now is a good time to repurpose it into a gorgeous coffee table. It is a beautiful, warm honey color and has a removable slat shelf below that rests on the iron cross-braces. The table is 18-1/2" wide, 50" long and 16-1/2" high. It is finished in four coats of premium Marine Spar Varnish, so it is impervious to water or alcohol stains.
The raw slab of pine has endured 9 years of NE Oregon's hot and dry summers and sub-zero winters, then 4 years of Oregon Coast dampness, followed by
18 years of Hawaii's heat and humidity and the last three years here in California's Sonoma County. During all that time, it acquired a few very small splits
on the ends which I left to enhance the patina of the table. The top still shows the resaw marks from the giant bandsaw that cut the planks from the tree.
The table has that desirable vintage look with the rough saw marks down both sides, but the multiple coats of varnish have left it very smooth to the touch.
Think out of the box: Lectern . . . or pulpit!
Here is a new addition to our line of commercial furniture! A full-size Retro-Industrial Hostess Station with a welded steel framework and inserts of vintage cedar boards. The boards are all splined together into solid panels. The work-top is oak, finished in Marine Spar Varnish for years of use and abuse. The drawer runs on full-supension
self-closing glides and features a varnished hardwood floor. The top trim is vintage fir, also finished in super-durable Spar Varnish. There's a cable port in the work-top and holes in the shelves and bottom for cables to exit the unit.
Approximately 52" high, 36" wide and 22" deep.
Vintage Milk Crate from
Gold Jersey Dairy Farm
Monte Rio, California
A 12-bottle wine rack repurposed from a vintage milk crate from the old Gold Jersey Dairy Farm in Monte Rio, California.
The bottle supports, front and back, are crafted of African Mahogany and lacquered to effect a nice contrast with the aged wood and metal of the crate.
The Dairy logo is still visible on both sides of the crate. Felt feet protect your counter, and there's a removable bracket on the back for wall mounting.
These two tables are a full eight feet long. They are built of full-thickness cedar planks splined together into one solid surface. The ornate cast iron bases add a touch of elegance. The vintage surface is finished in many coats of Marine Spar Varnish, making these tables suitable for outdoor use. The end caps are welded iron.  
A move into new territory: Functional Art! In this piece, brass, iron, steel, glass, copper, wood, and various repurposed items come together to create an
expression of contrasts: The free and whimsical life of a butterfly and the heavy and confining structure of metals and wood.
The name of this pieces is "Papillon," French for butterfly.
It was created wholly from imagination, with no plans, sketches, or even a vision of what was to come. The finished functional sculpture stands over two feet tall. The wood in the center column is from a 60-year-old redwood fence, and the base is a piece of very old madrone taken from a friend's barn. The "butterfly case" is all brass, and the cage on the opposite side is steel. The four slender columns are also steel, and the copper pipe serves as runs for the wiring to the lamps.


Click the photo above for more
photos and description!

The center post of this lamp was its inspiration. It is a well rusted and slightly bent axle from a late 1800's horse-drawn wagon. A wheel hub appears in the notch of the shade and has inside a vintage style light bulb. The wooden base is made from a slab of nutmeg tree found in the same old barn as the wagon parts.
The various small rusted iron pieces and fittings are all from the same pile of parts where the axle was discovered.
The wooden backing for the lower art-glass portion is from a 60-year-old redwood fence that a neighbor had to take down. All of the detail wood trim around the upper glass shade is from that same fence, too.
Any place where new bolts and nuts were needed, they are all vintage square-head style to match the vintage of the iron parts.
The art-glass design on the lower portion of the lamp is in celebration of the new life of old wagon parts becoming a lamp!
Truly a one-of-a-kind piece that was crafted with uncommon attention to detail!



 This lovely vintage pine Drop-Leaf Table was salvaged and restored to keep its vintage ambiance. The top is finished in satin marine Spar Varnish so is impervious to water and most other stains.

The legs and cross-braces have been fitted with iron for added strength and appearance, and the vintage steel top-corners finish the look.

The table is 36” square with the leaves up, 18” wide with them down.

IT BEGINS HERE! Introducing a distinctive new line of distinctive "retro industrial chic" furniture. Each of these pieces is individually designed by a seasoned industrial and residential designer who is also the veteran craftsman who builds the furniture. These pieces, and more to come, are crafted to look the part in this attractive retro-industrial trend, but
unlike the popular look-alikes, no two are the same. They are the "real deal," the ones you've been looking for!
Each piece incorporates some actual vintage pieces, as in the drawers shown here. The drawers were orignally very sturdy, small-item moving crates from Lyons-Magnus Moving Company in San Francisco. They are about 55 years old, dated 1960s, and now serving a re-purposed life as drawers in new furntiture. Again unlike other offerings, these drawers slide on
hardwood runners and operate as smoothly as drawers in fine furniture. Below are some detail on these two pieces.

Need a table strong enough that you can park your truck on it? You found it! This furniture doesn't just give the appearance of being solid and well-built; it is. The metal of each cabinet is industrial steel and cast iron. In these two pieces all of the wood (except for the hardwood drawer slides) is kiln-dried cedar, some new and some reclaimed. The tops are finished with at least four coats of Marine Spar Varnish over a worn-but-silky-smooth surface, making for a top that will survive moisture, alcohol and most other abuse. No need for coasters under your drinks here!

The frame is finished to "weathered wood" and the top retains the warm, rich glow that only cedar can offer.

This coffee table is heavy, so the wheels are more than ornamental! The dimensions: 56" long, 23 3/4" wide, and 18 1/2" high.

The drawers are special in more ways than one! They will open from either side of the table, or if desired, a flick of a lever underneath will change them to open from one side only. The drawers have their original inside side-and-end surfaces and new easy-to-clean bottoms.

The drawers are finished inside and out with a high-performance satin-finish Polycrylic Varnish.

The side table matches the coffee table in design and function. Both pieces incorporate the same commercial-
grade joinery in the frames and the heavy-duty ambiance from the iron fittings. The 50-year-old crate drawers operate smoothly on hardwood glides and automatically align themselves in their visual openings when closed. The top is finished with the same Marine Spar Varnish and has that same warm glow. And it's nearly indestructible! The table rolls on iron casters to make moving it about easy.

Dimensions: 24" wide, 20" deep, and 29 1/2" high.

Another Lyons-Magnus Side Table

Dimensions: 32" high, 19" wide, and 20" deep.


This side table matches the first one and the coffee table in design and function. The difference is that this one features an all-steel frame, so is narrower, plus its height would serve well in a kitchen. This piece features a top of aged fir boards securely crafted into one solid panel for durability and ease of cleaning. As with the others, it is finished with multiple coats of Marine Spar Varnish so it is impervious to water and alcohol.
New Life for an Old Cabinet
This is a small cabinet that was repurposed from a vintage commercial unit by adding a solid plank top with iron end caps, a matching base under the cabinet, vintage casters, simple iron-and- copper door pulls and iron side bracing. The heavy base also has an iron edge-rail, maintaining a visual tie to the top.
The cabinet is constructed of oak and oak plywood and has one shelf inside. The top of the cabinet is 18 1/2" x 32", and it is 34" high. The top is kiln-dried hemlock and is finished with four coats of marine spar varnish, so it is nearly indestructible.
Would you like to be sure that you have a unique piece you won't find anywhere else?
My promise: Every piece in this series will be a one-of-a-kind in design and construction. There will be similarities,
but no two will ever be the same. Each piece is entirely designed and hand-crafted in my studio and shop.
I will gladly make furniture to order and for any purpose you wish.
This coffee table is crafted
from rough-sawn fir and finished to create a durable and fairly smooth surface. It features stainless "hairpin" style legs. Each individual piece of the top is splined to the adjacent piece, making a top that will never warp, crack or split its seams. The desirable rough look, but nothing rough about the construction. You will get no splinters from these!
An Entry Door built of old-growth, vertical-grain fir. This door was built to order to fit into a particular environment. The art-glass window was designed in accordance with the homeowner's wish for a bluebird in a graceful branch of dogwood blossoms. The border design was left to the designer (that would be me) and was to compliment their esoteric interior furnishings.
Since the door will be subjected to some extremes in temperature and humidity, the inset panels are mounted into the door on sliding splines and suspended between neoprene spacers so that as they expand and contract, they will always remain centered in their space and never impose any expansion stresses on the door frame. The wood is gorgeous old-growth, kiln-dried, vertical-grain fir. It was left its natural color because the fir will darken silghtly with age.
The attention to detail is shown at left in the closeup of the fit and finish of the woodwork. The finished door was sealed and then finished in four coats of marine spar varnish.
The art-glass panel is shown here completed, still on the studio work table. It is mounted into the door behind a piece of tempered safety glass.
This Danish Modern coffee has a top and shelf of walnut and the frames and legs are mahogany stained to match the walnut. The intent of the design was to create a different approach to a classic style by making the shelf appear to be floating within its framework. Although it retains the light-and-airy appearance true to the mid-century style, it is strong enough to sit on!
The request was for a porch swing that had to be "curvy," as opposed to the more commonly seen swings with all straight lines. We built this one from Sipo Mahogany. This wood is very dense and structurally stable so is ideally suited for a piece like this with the long slats. It is finished in multiple coats of Sikkens Cetol, a product that is able to withstand all sorts of weather conditions for many years. It will hang from chains attached to the stainless eyebolts seen at left.  

 At left is a photo of one of the three supports. You can see the dowelled lap joints that are assembled with exoxy for ultimate durability. At right, you can see how each slat is secured with three screws and then each screw hole is fitted with a grain-matched mahogany plug, sanded smooth to the surface.

This is one of those treasures that will get handed down through the generations!

  At left is the original sliding glass door. It was 6' wide and had a lot of unsightly metal framework in the opening whether the door was open or closed. The home owner wanted to have the entire space open to be able to fully enjoy the gorgeous view outside. We designed and built this new door and screen (at right) to make it happen. The intent was that when open, the entire space would be visually unobstructed, and even when closed, there would be only the elegant wood frame of the new door visible. Both doors hang from high-quality roller tracks and operate very easily. This door is fitted with 1/4" thick laminiated safety glass. It is VERY heavy!  

tAt left is the view from inside with the new door in place. The wood is vertical-grain Douglas fir and the trim is African mahogay. The finger pull (at right) incorporated into the mahogany trim is typical of the attention to detail on this project.

We can design and build you a door to fit any space or purpose.




If you have any interest in seeing how these pieces come together, click on the "Anatomy of . . ." links that appear under some of the items. If you wish to see construction photos of any pieces that do not include the anatomy link, please ask and I'll post them if I have them. I do photograph many of my projects in progress, so there's a good chance I have the ones you would like to see!
This door was designed to fit a special application in a vintage San Francisco house. The construction is similar to the entry door above, in that the inset panels "float" in the door frame on sliding splines and are centered in their openings with neoprene spacers. This allows the insets to expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes, yet they will never exert any pressure on the frame of the door. The art-glass panel was designed to compliment a vintage piece in the kitchen's skylight. The door was mounted on rustic iron "barn-door" harware and it slides on an overhead track. All joinery on these doors is either mortise-and-tenon or splines.
The client asked for a "kidney-shaped, mid-century design with two workstations." There were to be no cables or wires visible anywhere except as needed for the displays, and they were to vanish into openings in the desk top. At right is the unfinished structure, showing the drawers and keyboard trays. The wood is oak and African mahogany, and the top surface is a high-quality laminate, true to the mid-century design. At left is the desk in service! The desk also has cable-routing channels built in, removable panels in the knee holes to access connections, and a shelf in the left kneehole for a modem, router and sound-system subwoofer. ______________SOLD
There were twelve of these; these are the last six. They are crafted of Sipo mahogany for its density and strength, and stained to match the hue of most Danish Modern furntire of the era. For comfort not often associated with Danish Modern chairs, these chairs are a bit wider than most and for durability, the frames a bit beefier. The goal was to accomplish this without compromising the graceful lines of the style. All joints are mortise-and-tenon. These chairs will last for generations! The seat bases are curved and the high-density foam padding a bit thicker than usual, again for comfort. We do the uphosltery, too, which on these is a premium grade of leather-grain vinyl.

The Nutmeg Table Set, 2400

The L-Shaped Desk, 2000

The Computer Rack for the L-Shaped Desk, 300

The Drawer Unit for the L-Shaped Desk, 500

A Repurposed Cabinet. 275

The Rustic Chic Coffee Table, 500

Redwood Chevron-Design Coffee Table, 750

Pine Plank Coffee Table, 475

Steel-Framed Lyons-Magnus Side Table, 600

Long Table, 1400

The Lyons-Magnus Coffee Table, 900

The Lyons-Magnus Side Table, 600

The Nutmeg Pedestal Dining Table, 950

The Entry Door, 1300. The Art Glass panel, 350

The Danish Modern Coffee Table, 400

The Porch Swing, 950

The Sliding Glass and Screen Doors, 1800

The Kitchen Door, 800. Art-Glass Panel, 250

The Free-Form Oak and Mahogany Desk, 3200

Hostess Station, 1700

Milk Crate Wine Rack, 135

"Papillon," The Steampunk Lamp, 1200

The Axle Lamp, 950

The Mid-Century Free-Form Desk, 3600

The Rustic Nutmeg Large Dining Table, 1250

A note on pricing: The "sold" items shown are priced to represent the cost of designing and building a similar,
but not identical piece. Custom-fitted pieces, such as doors, may vary in price depending upon the applicaton.
Most of the work shown above is on display and available for sale at the Fulton X Gallery,
1200 River Rd., Fulton, CA. Fulton is just on the northern outskirts of Sant Rosa.
Visit the Gallery

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The Fulton X Gallery's Etsy Store

 And then of course . . .  
How about . . .
A Retro-Industrial piece specially designed for your particualr needs?
A TV table that's designed for your space and equipment? A special desk? Buffet? I will also build furniture
around any genuine vintage pieces you would like included, like the crates used in these pieces.
I have only four more of these, so this particular line will be a "limited edition" for sure!
My furniture shop and art-glass studio are located in Forestville, California, about an hour's drive
north of San Francisco. Feel free to contact me any time during working
hours by phone or email. We can deliver large pieces.
If you can imagine it, we can build it.
Retro-Industrial, Steampunk & Traditional.
Our goal is to produce one-of-a-kind pieces, often using
vintage and repurposed materials, and built to the
exacting standards of fine furniture.
See how it's done . . .
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